Kuntzie's Kimonos

Hand-tailored clothing meant to last. Life is short, enjoy every moment and wear clothes that bring the adventure home!

Kuntzie's Kimonos has changed it's name To Sunkissed Designs. Until the new web site is up and running, this site is usable for everything but the shopping cart feature.

If you see something you would like to purchase, please use the Contact Form in the top menu and send me an email with the description of the product. I can manually take credit cards through Square and other payments through Paypal or personal check. Thank you for your patience, I hope to be up and running on the new site shortly.

In the meantime I am adding new products to both web pages and trying to figure out if this might be the way to go. The main expense of this web site is the shopping cart?

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Creating wearable art for 43 years.

Only one made of each. You are unique, you deserve something one-of-a-kind to showcase your individuality.